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History of Centro Civico Mexicano

These new neighbors needed a place where they could gather and celebrate their heritage, culture, and traditions. CCM is a symbol representing the spirit of Mexicans who came to Utah with ORGULLO; proud to be Mexican, honored to be American, and ready to defend and contribute to their new homeland.

As the community grew, Centro Civico Mexicano became the touchstone of Mexicans and other Hispanic people in Utah, a population that now represents approximately 17% of Salt Lake County’s total population.

Several Hispanic Community leaders in business, politics, and academia have fond childhood memories of “Centro".

Decades of celebrations and educational programs atCCM encouraged these future leaders to be proud of where they came from and their responsibility to give back.

They return with their own innovative ideas to contribute to the members of CCM. Many of the youth have gone forward to become elected officials, teachers, principals, professors, leaders in municipal, state, and the national government, recognized artists, attorneys and business leaders.

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